Wednesday, 10 August 2011

When We Were Fab

When We Were Fab

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That year was the first year I made any real money. How much? Well, yes, values change don’t they? But a lot! It had begun to pour in.  OK, I couldn’t have bought the biggest house in London or a major island in the Caribbean or anything like that. But basically I could do pretty much anything I pleased that summer.
I could have gone to Australia for weeks on end staying in the best hotels. I could have gone anywhere in the South Pacific for a couple of years without a problem. I could have taken two of the very finest hookers to The Riviera for the season and that would also not have been a problem.
So, to all intents and purposes I was loaded. Plus I had no ties. I could do what ever I wanted. After all the effort and disappointments of the last few years the feeling was heady. I was young but I can still remember thinking it was a special feeling and a special moment. I was free!
The strange thing iswhen you are free what do you do? I was spoilt for choice...

Monday, 8 August 2011

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Toto in the Snow Series